1. "Believe In Yourself" cover by Serenamidori / Gabby Gonzalez. 

    This is for every person who lets themselves get down about their talents. Never give up, never let your skills go to waste. <3

    MP3 download - https://www.box.com/s/5ae35281e268ce70bc2e

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    3. laugh-track said: Beautiful. Just beautiful. Keep up the great work!
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      Not pony related, but I think this needs to go out to a lot of people right now!
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      Be right back, crying tears of FEELINGS. ;____;
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    10. meowmeowmeowmewoemweo said: Heck yeah Gabby! This sounds great! You should do more songs like this. Thanks for the motivation. =3
    11. willpowred said: you are fantastic
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      This girl. I love her. Like, white-hot intensity love. Gabby, you are the cooliest!
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